What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of using content in order to engage with prospects and customers

It is chiefly focused on using content in order to reach prospects, attract them to your website, convert them into leads or customers and retain them once they become customers. Content marketing is a key component of inbound marketing, and is used for every stage of lead generation and lead nurturing. Content should be targeted towards your company-specific personas, and mapped to their stage in the buying lifecycle. Early stage content is used to attract, make them aware of an issue. Mid stage content is used to inform them about how to solve the issue. And late stage content is used to convince them to decide upon your company as the best suited to solving their problem.

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What We Do

Digital Rhinos can develop and execute your entire content marketing strategy

In order to use content marketing effectively, it's important to follow a rigorous system. This involves the following steps:

  • Planning – working out what exactly type of content you are going to create, who it is targeted towards, timelines, budgets, etc.
  • Discovery – this is when you do your brainstorming, which involves a fair amount of research both internally and externally.
  • Mapping - this ensures that the content is mapped to your personas and buying cycle stages, and also includes the scheduling for release to determine how it fits within your larger marketing plan.
  • Creation – this involves actually creating the content, whether outsourced or in-house.
  • Promotion – this is where you start to push the content out through all your various channels, such as email, paid advertising, social media, as well as doing outreach to all of your industry influencers.
  • Measure & Review – this is where you look at the performance of the piece of content. Did it achieve what you were trying to? If so, what were the most successful channels and least successful? What promotional tactics worked best? What has the feedback been? If it didn’t achieve what you wanted it to, why not? Were the metrics you selected the right ones? Why or why not?