The Essential Tools For Small Business Owners & Startup Founders

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Tools for Businesses

To facilitate your entrepreneurial journey and to allow your business to focus on the tasks most important, we have compiled a list of effective tools that can simplify almost all aspects of a small business or startup. We have found success using these tools; so we are compiling a few tools that will keep your business in top shape.

Project management
One of the main tasks of most small business owners is to manage all their projects and marketing campaigns in one place. This is why productivity tools are useful for every small business owner and start-ups to stay organised as a team.

Brightpod: A project management tool for marketing teams, Brightpod is easy, efficient, and intuitive. The clean UI is a great way to organise projects. The tool has excellent tracking functionalities which are necessary when dealing with different time zones, includes workflows, an editorial calendar, and has a competent customer service team.

Slack:: A real-time messaging and collaboration tool, Slack helps reduce the internal email load and makes work more productive. It offers built-in sharing options, advanced search, and automatically indexes and archives everything that is shared. The tool also provides a transparent view of all your messages and files, be it images, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, etc, and integrates with a number of services like Google Docs and DropBox.

Accounting software
Small business owners need to keep track of their invoices in order to take payments online. Accounting and bookkeeping tools are essential for any small businesses to manage invoices, payments, accounting, and payroll.

Intuit QuickBooks:: A cloud-based accounting software which allows multiple users from multiple locations to work on the same accounting information, Inuit QuickBooks is available for iOS and Android users. Other tasks include keeping the accounting data organised with a Bill Tracker, profit and loss reporting, automated reporting, and other standard accounting operations like sending invoices in no time.

With the world going digital, customers have access to the internet and are web interactive. Small businesses can benefit from the ability of a tool that can collect valuable digital data.

Google Analytics:: The go-to tool for tracking information like the number of people visiting your site, how they got to your site, how much time they spend on your site once they get there, and how many pages they look at etc. Google Analytics prepares customised reports on the social media and website traffic and advertising ROI from your online marketing efforts.

SEMRush If you need to monitor the overall SEO health of multiple clients in multiple locations or track keywords across search campaigns, SEMRush is the tool to go for. The tool is best used for tracking the performance of a website and SEO, social media and video advertising research. Based on the reports one can build a strategy to improve its visibility.

Time Tracking
Running a small business needs a lot of attention to small details. A time tracking software allows you to not just supervise projects, but to also track employee hours and check expenses easily.

Harvest An easy application to track employee time and manage projects, this web-based tool has an intuitive interface that you can access from anywhere. From monitoring the time spent on specific projects, to generating and exporting reports, to creating invoices, Harvest can also be used as a project management tool.

When you are a small business owner you are likely to juggle a lot of jobs – from finances to marketing to management. And when there is more work to be done you may need a little help from outside.

Prozely If you have a project that needs premium copywriting work with an Australian focus, Prozely will make sure you get connected to the best writers.

Upwork: This where you can find freelance experts who can tackle a range of jobs from web programming to graphic design to SEO to content writing.

Befree If you need your finances to be handled, enrol with Be Free where you could benefit from the expertise of a dedicated account manager. They provide outsourced bookkeeping, accounts, and payroll solutions.
If you are a small business owner or startup founder start implementing these tools from today.

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    The Essential Tools For Small Business Owners & Startup
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