What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of creating interest in products or services in order to fill up the sales funnel

When it comes to lead generation, the world is moving towards inbound marketing and away from outbound marketing.There is a strong need to provide content that people want and need, which is aligned to your buyer personas and the buyers lifecycle stages. The most successful lead generation efforts have a multi-channel focus, and measurement is extremely important in order to determine which are your most successful and profitable lead generation channels. Multi-channel attribution is also crucial, as often the channel generating the lead isn’t the same one converting the lead to being sales-ready.

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What We Do

Lead generation should deliver both high quality and high quantity of leads

It's extremely important to follow a structured process in order to achieve this. Our process is as follows:

  • Developing content based on buyer personas and the buying cycle stages.
  • Creating lead nurture programsin order to deal with new leads that are generated.
  • Developing and testing landing pages that will host the lead generation content.
  • Promoting content via the channels where it is most likely to be seen and engaged with by the target personas.
  • Measuring results, and making continual improvements by implementing rigorous conversion optimisation testing.
  • Monitoring lead quantity and quality by channel.